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Through a combination of real exposure to employers and careers, improved self-awareness and development of critical work readiness skills, young people will become much more work- and career-ready and able to actively contribute to the economy through meeting the country’s critical skills needs.

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Being part of WoW 2022 was awesome a true-life changer for our learners. FutureMe has done an incredible job by organising such a phenomenal event. We are looking forward to be part of WoW 2023.”

Christelle Solomons, AtlantisSEZ

“I would recommend this programme because it is very educational and it will widen your mind on different careers in retail you don’t know exist.”

Learner feedback, Build it Go-Getter 2022

“Game Changer is very educational and an eye opener for the learners. It enables them to think out of the box and [helps] learners know about the opportunities out there for them.”

Ms. Lindiwe Banga, Wallacedene Secondary School Teacher

“FutureMe helped me to discover myself, know more about other career choices and it has amazing people who keep us going. The stories shared with us and hearing each and everyone giving us advice about the future, encouraging us to be positive about the future. FutureMe has truly made it easy to connect with professionals.”

Learner feedback, SPAR Self-Starter 2022
“We would highly recommend FutureMe for their real-world practical knowledge and insights and overall understanding of the young professionals starting in the unknown world. Precisely the kind of training our young professionals need.”
Janine Linssen & Marné Louw, African Unity Life

FutureMe is 51% Black Owned and a Level 2 B-BBEE contributor

FutureMe was the recipient of the 2021 WCERA Social Enterprise Award.

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Our Offerings

Career awareness programme

Transforming careers for the next generation. 

Game Changer revolutionises career opportunities by fostering interest in critical skills areas. Geared towards high school learners and educators, this programme showcases your business and industry while engaging young minds through a captivating social media campaign and an interactive online learning hub.

Spark curiosity, inspire young talent, and make a lasting impact on the future workforce.


Study choice support programme

Empower young learners to find their path.

Pathfinder is an online learning experience tailored to grade 9, 10, and 11 students. Through psychometric assessments, career exposure, and self-reflection, this programme helps students understand themselves and explore career options.

In collaboration with a professional psychometrist, we guide learners to make informed decisions about tertiary studies and future careers.


Youth talent pool development

Fuel your talent pipeline with Go-Getter.

This dynamic programme comprises five digital events that connect young individuals with your company’s culture and equip them with the skills necessary for success.

Showcase your employer brand, boost employee engagement, and promote high-demand skills and job opportunities. Build a pool of talented youth ready to contribute to your business.

Young talent onboarding programme

Elevate new hires’ integration and engagement.

High Flyer facilitates seamless integration for new joiners in your organisation. By focusing on role models within the company and addressing self-awareness and work-readiness topics specific to your industry, this programme cultivates connections and initiates a journey of self-discovery, leading to enhanced workplace engagement.

Whether it’s a two-day work induction or a year-long support and mentoring initiative, High Flyer empowers your young hires to make a powerful impact in the workplace.

Entrepreneurship soft skills development

Ignite the entrepreneurial mindset in the next generation.

Self-Starter unlocks the power of entrepreneurial thinking among young individuals. By connecting them with business owners, fostering self-awareness, and providing fundamental business skills, this programme inspires and empowers aspiring entrepreneurs.