About FutureMe Online

We’re proud to introduce FutureMe Online.

Learners use it to build professional CVs, develop personal brands, engage with quirky work readiness content, and browse real opportunities for career development.

Educators rely on it as a framework for innovative career and life guidance lessons.

Organisations use it to communicate their purpose, values, and employer brand with tomorrow’s workforce. FutureMe Online empowers organisations to contribute to the development of work readiness skills from high school through to employment. It helps them build meaningful relationships with their talent pools.

What’s been said…

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A. Learner, Rhodes High School

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H.R. Manager, FutureTech


FutureMe Online is the fastest way to get from zero to career hero. It’s a lean, mean, cv-building machine that’s intuitive and easy to use. No instructions necessary — just create an account, buckle up, and start your engine.

If you need a driving instructor, watch this video.

If you break down, run out of petrol, or crash and burst into flames, send an email to info@futureme.org.za.

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