Welcome to FutureMe

After a combined 30 years of consulting experience, 2 observations stand out:

  1. South African businesses are starved for young talent.
  2. Collaboration is the solution to almost any problem.

Youth unemployment and the skills shortage are 2 sides of the same coin. In 2015, we founded FutureMe to address both problems by facilitating meaningful engagement between high school learners and our corporate clients.

Since the early days of late-night brainstorming sessions, FutureMe has steadily gathered momentum. Our team has grown, our holistic work readiness programme has evolved, and our network of partners has expanded. FutureMe has an uncanny ability to attract the right people at the right time.

After a successful pilot programme at Christel House School, we’re eager to share what we do with as many young South Africans as possible. Between our brand-new app and interactive work readiness festivals, it’s only a matter of time before FutureMe becomes a synonym for hope.

We can’t wait for you to join the FutureMe family.

Nicky van Hille

Nicky van Hille

Managing Director

Passionate about helping young people find their purpose and place in the world and working with businesses to make a real impact in society.

Ursula Cooper

Ursula Cooper

Executive Director

Empowering others to succeed, both as individuals and in business, to build a better and more inclusive society.

The Skills Crisis

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is over 60% — the highest in the world. Worse, nearly one in three young people (15–24) are not in employment, education, or training¹.

The odds are stacked against young South Africans. But career awareness remains limited to traditional jobs, and youngsters aren’t developing the soft skills and self-awareness that employers expect. As a result, many young people have unrealistic career expectations, leading to disapointment when they take their first steps into the world of work.