Day two of Christel House career week was an opportunity to test our latest experiment in experiential learning, BoostCamp.

On Tuesday 11 June, four incredible HR Professionals helped us teach grade 11 learners how to create compelling CVs, write kickass cover letters, and ace job interviews. Shout out to Vuyo, Courtney, Celeste, and Ursula. We couldn’t have done it without you!

We envisage BoostCamp evolving into an innovative talent-sourcing solution for our corporate partners … watch this space!

HR Heroines Courtney, Celeste, Ursula, and Vuyo pictured with BoostCamp’s winning applicants. Keep browsing for a taste of our quirky approach to work-readiness training.

Session 1: CV Safari

A good CV is worth way more than a job interview. We encourage learners to view the document as an opportunity for introspection, self-discovery, and personal growth. 

Session 2: How to Write a Kickass Cover Letter

Because even the best CV can get stuck at the bottom of the pile without a cover letter that makes an impression. 

Session 3: Survive the Shark Tank

Our HR heroines put learners through their paces by conducting mock screening interviews. Our learners passed with flying colours!