Everyone’s short on time, but the way you spend your time is nothing short of amazing. A lot of people are overworked, but you work over and above every day. Few of us learn how to teach, but you teach all of us how to learn.

Young South Africans need positive role models, which is why we want to work with you. FutureMe provides the resources and support you need to inspire your learners.

What’s been said…

I am in awe of your passion and dedication. To see learners who do not usually interact in class speak up and contribute in your classes … WOW! FutureMe provided me the opportunity to get to know my learners on a different level and to get to know what inspires them and what they are passionate about. I was able to use this to get them more involved in my Natural Science class as well. They have grown in confidence and have more direction in life thanks to your amazing work.

Head of Department and Teacher

Affordable psychometric assessments

Skills development starts with self-awareness. Engage with your learners by understanding their aptitudes, personalities, and career interests. Use the results to bring your subject to life and excite your learners about their futures.

Educator workshops

Our holistic work readiness programme doesn’t end with learners. It also builds on the vital role you play in youth development. Attend a workshop to renew your sense of purpose and discover fresh ways of thinking about career and working life guidance.

FutureMe Online

Tired of printing the same old life orientation worksheets? FutureMe Online is an interactive CV-building tool that delivers punchy educational content and genuine career opportunities. Use it to catapult career guidance into the 21st century.

Learner boot camps

Our boot camps impart practical skills and positive experiences of the working world. Get in touch to arrange a captivating, educational day for your learners.

Expos and events

We bring the world of work to life by hosting interactive career expos and guest talks. Motivate your learners by encouraging them to engage directly with South Africa’s favourite businesses and celebrities.

We can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us today.

The Skills Crisis

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is over 60% — the highest in the world. Worse, nearly one in three young people (15–24) are not in employment, education, or training¹.

The odds are stacked against young South Africans. But career awareness remains limited to traditional jobs, and youngsters aren’t developing the soft skills and self-awareness that employers expect. As a result, many young people have unrealistic career expectations, leading to disapointment when they take their first steps into the world of work.