Almost exactly 2 years ago, Graeme Richards interviewed FutureMe’s Nicky van Hille on the Expresso Morning Show. To this day, Nicky can’t remember a thing about her time on air.

It gets worse …

Since July, we’ve been collaborating with Silverback Media, a dynamic filmmaking outfit that continues to produce outstanding video content on behalf of FutureMe. Naturally, Graeme Richards happens to be a co-founder of Silverback Media. And of course, Graeme maintains that he has no recollection of ever interviewing Nicky on the Expresso Morning Show.

The plot thickens …

On 17 October, Nicky and Graeme sat down for round 2. For fear of neither party remembering each other, FutureMe’s Ursula Cooper thought it prudent to join the interview. We are relieved to report that it went off without a hitch.

While Ursula and Nicky both remember this year’s interview, they also agree that it was no less surreal than the last one. In 2016, FutureMe was little more than a seed of potential. On 17 October, scenes of our work with young South Africans marked the moment when FutureMe graduated from start-up to fully fledged business.

Sincere thanks to Expresso for capturing that moment, which was all the more special shared among friends.