Life’s tough at FutureMe. We constantly have to dream up creative ways to connect motivated learners with progressive organisations. Just kidding. It’s always inspiring to watch how a simple interaction can generate waves of positive energy.

For two years, we’ve had the pleasure of piloting our holistic work readiness programme at Christel House School in Ottery. Our grade 10 & 11 learners have gone from strength to strength, so we decided to immerse them in the world of work like never before.

On Tuesday 16 October, we collaborated with 7 amazing businesses to host our first-ever Learning Journeys!

After a quick briefing session, 36 intrepid career explorers took the day off school to embark on an interactive excursion into the working world. Based on their interests, we divided learners between 3 buses bound for completely different career destinations.

Follow these links to find out what we had in store for them!

Design District

feat. Ciovita, Flat Mountain & Ashanti

Entrepreneurship was the order of the day on our guided tour of Cape Town’s design district. 7 budding business owners learned how to make slick sportswear, upcycled upholstery, and crazy-good coffee.

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Media Mania

feat. Big Fish & Expresso

Graeme Richards led 9 fans on a star-studded tour of the Film & Media industry. Showreel includes a lesson with award-winning filmmaker, Hein Ungerer, and a cameo appearance from Jeannie D!

Corporate Connections

feat. Hub Insights & Mercedes Benz

19 aspiring CEOs got a crash course in two-way mirrors and driverless cars. Enthusiastic professionals taught them that passion, hard work, and loyalty are critical components of corporate culture.

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