Businesses can’t find young talent, and young people can’t find career opportunities. Our award-winning programmes bridge the gap between youth and work.

We envision a future where young people understand what employers expect and get economically active as soon as possible. Our holistic approach emphasises soft skills, self-awareness, and exposure to the working world, challenging young people to live on purpose, with purpose. Our growing network of corporate partners helps us bring the world of work to life. We develop sustainable talent pipelines for businesses seeking to invest in the next generation.

8 533 Young South Africans reached through engagements

761 Psychometric tests administered

88 Individual job shadows

71 Schools engaged

214 Teachers engaged

87 Companies engaged

Young People

Understand yourself, explore your career options, and start gaining experience. Our corporate partners are searching for young talent, and we want to help you stand out from the crowd. Create a FutureMe account and start building your CV, developing your skills, and connecting with real professionals today.

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Our programmes help you identify and screen young talent to fill your critical skills gaps. Along the way, we’ll also help you build your employer brand, showcase career opportunities in your sector, and create a culture of meaningful employee engagement, all while supporting young people as they take their first steps into the world of work.

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We help you bring the world of work to life in your classroom. Our curriculum-aligned programmes are completely free and completely digital, offering your learners the opportunity to explore career paths by connecting with role models. Contact us to discuss how we can support you and your learners.

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What people are saying

I want you to be as excited about FutureMe as I am. They understand what businesses want. They understand what the economy wants. They understand the needs of youngsters growing up in Southern Africa.

Mario Santana, Owner of Rosmead SUPERSPAR and TOPS

Engage & Connect was an ultimate success. Every speaker I listened to today motivated me one way or another. I am way more driven than before. I HAVE FOUND MY WHY!

Jessie, Grade 11

I am in awe of your passion and dedication. To see learners who do not usually interact in class speak up and contribute in your classes … WOW! FutureMe provided me the opportunity to get to know my learners on a different level and to get to know what inspires them and what they are passionate about. I was able to use this to get them more involved in my Natural Science class as well. They have grown in confidence and have more direction in life thanks to your amazing work.

Head of Department and Teacher

From the start of the day, right until the end, FutureMe created an interactive learning environment that kept the attendees enthusiastic about the subject matter. FutureMe achieved this through their informative and engaging delivery style, which brought the workshop to life. It was well structured, with an open and friendly atmosphere that made the attendees eager to learn and participate. We would highly recommend FutureMe for their real-world practical knowledge and insights and overall understanding of the young professionals starting in the unknown world. Precisely the kind of training our young professionals need.

Janine Linssen & Marné Louw, African Unity Life

“I feel delighted to have been able to be a part of this workshop and I would highly recommend it to young professionals like me, the course has very good content and the opportunity was presented to me at the time I really needed it. I now feel empowered, confident, and inspired.”

Bomkazi, FutureMe High Flyer