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Welcome to FutureMe

FutureMe bridges the gap between school and work.

Nearly 1 in 3 young South Africans is neither employed nor receiving education or training. We’re going to fix that. Engage with the work readiness programme that works. Empower learners to live on purpose, with purpose.

Understand yourself. Map out your career interests. Develop your skills. Why? South Africa’s favourite companies are looking for talent, and we’re about to introduce you to them.
Gain insight into your learners with affordable psychometric assessments. Learn how to integrate the working world into your daily teaching practice. Become a role model for social change.
Develop a sustainable talent pipeline. Build your brand among tomorrow’s workforce. Contribute your time, expertise, and resources to youth development.

Welcome to the Future

FutureMe AppWe’re proud to introduce FutureMe Online.

Learners use it to build professional CVs, develop personal brands, engage with quirky work readiness content, and browse real opportunities for career development.

Educators rely on it as a framework for innovative career and life guidance.

Organisations use it to communicate their purpose, values, and employer brand with tomorrow’s workforce. FutureMe Online empowers organisations to contribute to the development of work readiness skills from high school through to employment. It helps them build meaningful relationships with their talent pools.

Access FutureMe Online

Enabling young people to live on purpose, with purpose..


You found us. We’re going to help you figure out who you are, where you’re going, which skills you need to get there, and how to grow them! It’ll be inspiring, frustrating, exciting, and scary, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Sign up for our app or learn more about FutureMe.

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Your work matters. We want to support the vital role you play in youth development. Discover fresh ways of thinking about career and working life guidance by understanding yourself, understanding your learners, and growing together. Learn more about collaborating with FutureMe.

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The future of your organisation hinges on talented people. Act against the skills shortage by contributing to youth development and growing your talent pipeline. Learn more about engaging with FutureMe.

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What’s been said…

I am in awe of your passion and dedication. To see learners who do not usually interact in class speak up and contribute in your classes … WOW! FutureMe provided me the opportunity to get to know my learners on a different level and to get to know what inspires them and what they are passionate about. I was able to use this to get them more involved in my Natural Science class as well. They have grown in confidence and have more direction in life thanks to your amazing work.

Head of Department and Teacher

Engage & Connect was an ultimate success. Every speaker I listened to today motivated me one way or another. I am way more driven than before. I HAVE FOUND MY WHY!

Jessie, Grade 11

I want you to be as excited about FutureMe as I am. They understand what businesses want. They understand what the economy wants. They understand the needs of youngsters growing up in Southern Africa.

Mario Santana, Managing Director, Western Cape division of The SPAR Group Ltd

Our News…

The Skills Crisis

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is over 60% — the highest in the world. Worse, nearly one in three young people (15–24) are not in employment, education, or training¹.

The odds are stacked against young South Africans. But career awareness remains limited to traditional jobs, and youngsters aren’t developing the soft skills and self-awareness that employers expect. As a result, many young people have unrealistic career expectations, leading to disapointment when they take their first steps into the world of work.

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