The future of your organisation hinges on access to talented people, but South Africa is in the midst of a critical skills shortage. Get down to business by engaging with the work readiness programme that works. Secure the future of your organisation by growing a sustainable pipeline of talented youth.

Why it works

In short, you are why FutureMe works. It works because we collaborate.

There are plenty of excellent standalone skills development initiatives out there. But no measure of talent or motivation will make a difference unless we connect our youths to positive role models, authentic success stories, and genuine career opportunities.

FutureMe facilitates purposeful engagement between employers and learners to the benefit of both. It just makes sense.

Become a FutureMe Partner

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What’s been said…

I want you to be as excited about FutureMe as I am. They understand what businesses want. They understand what the economy wants. They understand the needs of youngsters growing up in Southern Africa.

Mario Santana, Managing Director, Western Cape division of The SPAR Group Ltd

How it works

With technology and the magic of conversation.

Face-to-face engagements are at the heart of FutureMe. We impart practical skills and positive experiences of the working world by inviting you to participate in our career expos, guest talks, boot camps, and workshops. Build your employer brand and address your critical skills shortages by engaging with learners and guiding their career and study choices.

We want to help you design effective internships, learnerships, volunteering programmes, and job shadowing initiatives so that you can source young talent with the aptitude and attitude to match your organisation. FutureMe is a way for youths to experience your organisation and gain work experience while you assess them for employment or financial support for further development. It’s a win-win.

FutureMe Online extends our reach and reinforces our message. For learners, it’s a space for personal growth, exploring career options, and connecting with real opportunities. For you, it’s an opportunity to communicate your values, build relationships with future employees, source young people for your skills development and employment opportunities, and build your brand by doing good.


The Skills Crisis

South Africa’s youth unemployment rate is over 60% — the highest in the world. Worse, nearly one in three young people (15–24) are not in employment, education, or training¹.

The odds are stacked against young South Africans. But career awareness remains limited to traditional jobs, and youngsters aren’t developing the soft skills and self-awareness that employers expect. As a result, many young people have unrealistic career expectations, leading to disapointment when they take their first steps into the world of work.