Gen Z. They are a whole different world. They speak different, think different and are different, but that is exactly what makes them awesome.

At FutureMe, we believe in the future of this country. We believe it is bright and full of promise, because we see it every day in the young people we work with, people we prepare for the world of work, for businesses like yours.

And because we believe this, we have developed a holistic series of programmes, specifically designed to bridge the gap between the youth of South Africa and the employment sector. We take immense pride in preparing our candidates for their, and your tomorrow. We cut no corners because we understand how important it is to prepare them well, to get them up to the level of professionalism that you require. Because we know, their future, the future of your business, in fact, all of our futures, depends on it.


Game Changer is about sparking interest in careers that link to your critical skills areas. The programme aims to reach high school learners and educators, making it suitable for corporates that want to make a meaningful impact at grassroots level.

Pathfinder helps young people make wise career and study choices. It also helps bursary and learnership funders select the best candidates for their programmes. We run this programme in collaboration with a professional psychometrist to help learners understand how strengths, interests, personality, and emotional aptitude can guide them through tertiary studies and into the world of work.

Go-Getter is about building a youth talent pool for your business. Structured as a five event series, the programme is also designed to showcase your employer brand and increase employee engagement, all the while helping young people develop the attitude and soft skills they need to succeed in the workplace.

High Flyer helps new joiners integrate into your organisation. The programme starts by focusing on role models in your business, and then moving to self-awareness topics and work-readiness skills relevant to your business. High Flyer is about making connections between people in your organisation and initiating a process of self-discovery that leads to improved engagement in the workplace.

Self-Starter explores the value of entrepreneurial thinking in school, work, and daily life. Through a series of live streams, the programme connects young people with entrepreneurial role models, guides them through self-awareness topics, and equips them with basic business skills.

World of Work Career Festival is all about broadening career horizons and encouraging brilliant young South Africans to pursue careers that will make a difference in our country.

Like you, we want to tell a different story about career opportunities in South Africa. Because there are jobs. And young people can make a difference. That’s what our flagship career festival, World of Work, is all about.

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14 067 Young South Africans reached through engagements

761 Psychometric tests administered

92 Individual job shadows

73 Schools engaged in 2022

93 Companies engaged

About us

Our small team of 9 are the permanent staff that keep the FutureMe wheels turning and work hard to develop and deliver all of the programmes and events we run through the year. We are all passionate about our roles in helping young people find their purpose and place in the world beyond school.

Engage & Connect was an ultimate success. Every speaker I listened to today motivated me one way or another. I am way more driven than before. I HAVE FOUND MY WHY!

Jessie, Grade 11

FutureMe helped me to discover myself, know more about other career choices and it has amazing people who keep us going. The stories shared with us and hearing each and everyone giving us advice about the future. On how we have to be positive about the future. FutureMe has truly made it easy to connect with professionals.

Self-Starter, 2022 SPAR Self-Starter feedback

I am in awe of your passion and dedication. To see learners who do not usually interact in class speak up and contribute in your classes … WOW! FutureMe provided me the opportunity to get to know my learners on a different level and to get to know what inspires them and what they are passionate about. I was able to use this to get them more involved in my Natural Science class as well. They have grown in confidence and have more direction in life thanks to your amazing work.

Head of Department and Teacher

I really love what FutureMe stands for, the idea of empowering the youth to make a better tomorrow. it perfectly embodies my ideas of what true success for the country should be. I would actually like to be part FutureMe one day.

Self-Starter, 2022 SPAR Self-Starter

I enjoyed it and I learned that I have to work hard as possible to became what I want to be in life but if I don’t exceed there’s always an option to work in other institutions and I enjoyed it so much it was a nice opportunity.

Tamika, WoW 2022 Attendee

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