Game Changer is about sparking interest in careers that link to your critical skills areas. The programme aims to reach high school learners and educators, making it suitable for corporates that want to make a meaningful impact at grassroots level. Game changer comprises three digital events and a profile on our web app to raise awareness about career opportunities at your business, plus two teacher workshops to equip educators with the resources and knowledge they need to bring your sector to life in the classroom. The programme is built around real stories from people in your organisation, making it an ideal way to boost employee and community engagement in your organisation.

Pathfinder helps young people make wise career and study choices. It also helps bursary and learnership funders select the best candidates for their programmes. We run this programme in collaboration with a professional psychometrist to help learners understand how strengths, interests, personality, and emotional aptitude can guide them through tertiary studies and into the world of work. Pathfinder is a high-energy programme that starts and ends with inspiring stories from the world of work. In between, participants enjoy getting to know each other as they navigate a series of skills sessions and a journey of self-discovery.

The Go-Getter Challenge is about building a youth talent pool for your business. Structured as a three-stage selection process, the programme is also designed to showcase your employer brand and increase employee engagement, all the while helping young people develop the attitude and soft skills they need to succeed in the workplace. At Career Open Day, we ask your employees to inspire the next generation by sharing their career stories. Next, we invite standout candidates to attend Selection Bootcamp, a series of skills sessions featuring mentors from your organisation. Lastly, we showcase career opportunities by hosting a Learning Journey through your organisation.

High-flyer helps new joiners integrate into your organisation. The programme starts by focusing on role models in your business — you nominate 4-5 of your best people, and our facilitators guide them through a conversation about their roles, career stories, and insights into company culture. Next, new hires attend an interactive workshop focusing on self-awareness topics and work-readiness skills relevant to your business. High-flyer is about making connections between people in your organisation and initiating a process of self-discovery that leads to improved engagement in the workplace.

Our app is a window into the working world. Young people use it to understand themselves, develop skills, build standout CVs, explore career options, and connect with your business. Your corporate profile helps you communicate your values, raise awareness about career possibilities at your business, and recruit young talent for opportunities like jobs, learnerships, internships, and job-shadowing experiences.