Our holistic work readiness programme empowers young South Africans to live on purpose, with purpose. How? By helping learners to understand themselves, map out their career interests, and develop their skills.

Easier said than done! Most adults have no idea what they were born to do, and some are still trying to find a passion, never mind follow one!

Psychometric assessments can ease the transition between school and work. However, they’re unaffordable for most. That’s why we’ve been developing an innovative new model in collaboration with leading psychometrist, Karin Brand.

Where traditional approaches emphasise individual testing and one-on-one feedback, our model leverages scale in high school communities to deliver a cost-effective service. The benefit of our offering is twofold:

  1. Cost-effective psychometry democratises access to psychological insights.
  2. School-wide assessments equip educators with high-level trends and insights into their learners’ interests and aptitudes.

Following successful pilot programmes at Christel House and Silikamva High School, we’re thrilled to announce that we conducted an inspiring feedback session with 180 learners from Apex High on Wednesday 17 October.

Our psychometric offering is poised to change thousands of young lives. Contact us to discuss how we can help your learners take their first steps towards living with purpose.