As young South Africans continue the struggle in navigating the country’s ever-present unemployment crisis, FutureMe and SPAR are playing their role in contributing to a brighter future for the South African youth.

With over a seven-year partnership, they’re dedicated to connecting young people and the retail industry. Breaking the stigma around the retail industry through various initiatives, this partnership aims to shift the negative perception that many young people have today regarding retail. Through programmes such as the Go-Getter Programme, young people are provided with a first-hand experience of the many diverse career opportunities that lie within this sector. 

Running from 12 May 2023 until 9 June 2023 the SPAR and FutureMe Go-Getter Programme will be available for young people to join across the Western Cape and Namibia Region. After the programme’s completion in the Western Cape and Namibia Region, the initiative is then set to roll out to other provinces across South Africa, so watch those details to follow. Through these coming weeks, participants will be able to engage and network with SPAR professionals as well as find out what critical skills they need in order to seek out future opportunities. 

The Go-Getter Programme dates are as follows: 

12 May 2023 –
Parents and Educators Workshop:

Parents, guardians, and educators, this is YOUR chance to get a taste of what actually lies ahead in the Go-Getter programme for our young participants. Have any burning questions ????about SPAR or the careers on offer? This is the place to ask them.  

17 and 19 May 2023 – Go-Getter Career Open Day

Introduction to the wide range of careers offered within the SPAR Group. These are duplicate sessions so participants can choose a session that best suits their availability.

24 and 26 May 2023 – Go-Getter Skills Spotlight:

Focusing on critical careers in the industry, these two sessions will allow participants the opportunity to speak to SPAR employees that work in these areas. During these 1 hour sessions, participants will get to engage and network with real-life professionals who have experience working within retail. While Go-Getters are not obligated to attend both sessions, they might not want to miss out on what both sessions have to offer.

2 June 2023 – Getting Started In Retail:  

This session will include an HR representative who will provide participants with more information as to what skills they should focus on when seeking out future opportunities. 

9 June 2023 – Learning Journey:

Go-Getters who have participated in programme activities will stand a chance to see retail careers in action by joining FutureMe and SPAR on a behind the scenes tour. Selected Go-Getters will have the chance to explore 2 regional SPAR stores and Central Distribution Centre within each region. 

–And the fun doesn’t just stop at the Learning Journey, Go-Getters from throughout the programme will also be placed in our Go-Getter graduate pool, which will allow them to apply for Go-Getter opportunities as they become available.  

Registrations for the programme or the Q&A sessions can be done here: