FutureMe Co-founder and Managing Director, Nicky van Hille

Nicky van Hille

I’m an economist by training, a strategist by experience, and a social entrepreneur at heart. I’ve been running a strategy consulting firm for over 15 years, and I founded FutureMe with my business partner in 2015. As the MD of FutureMe, I dream up new ways of connecting our clients with young talent and lead the FutureMe team as they turn those ideas into reality. I also handle company admin, HR, finance, and legal. 

FutureMe embodies my purpose — to make a meaningful difference by shifting the way we do business. That’s what happens every time we have a positive impact, because business will only change if our young people change it from within. 

Jodee Sylvester

I got where I am today by putting myself out there and gaining experience. My career journey has followed all sorts of interesting twists and turns, from admin to au pairing, healthcare to education, and much more in between! As Head of Operations, I manage client relationships and lead a team of people who take care of all the admin and logistics that go into our programmes. As a facilitator, I have fun hosting our live digital events with my partner in crime, Matt.

Working at FutureMe allows me to be real and authentic. I am all about making a difference, no matter where I am in life — as long as I can put a smile on someone’s face, I’m happy. I wish FutureMe was around when I was in school, but it brings me great joy to help others find their path in life.

Matthew Robinson

I lead the team of writers and designers behind our award-winning youth development programmes. I also manage our web app, FutureMe Online. Find me in the Muizenberg mountains and say hi.

Alyx Casarin

Having started my career journey at the age of 16 and moving through a variety of different jobs in different industries, I like to keep things interesting by moving between different spaces in my work life at FutureMe. My job is to oversee all marketing channels and make sure that all we do aligns with who we are as a brand, though I also play a role in measuring the impact of the work we do – which is how we know we are achieving our goals as a company and within our programmes.

I’ve always wanted to do something that has meaning – to have impact that makes the world a better place, and FutureMe has allowed me to do work that matters.

Aaliyah Fortuin

Media and writing has always been something I’ve been passionate about ever since I could remember and I’m glad I get to incorporate that passion into my everyday life. From social media marketing copy to Instagram reels, if it can be written or recorded, I can do it!

As FutureMe’s Copywriter, I’m responsible for all things content-related. If anything needs to be written, whether it’s for a website, newsletter, or social media, I’m your girl. I’m basically a 21st-century storyteller. 

The digital media space is continuously evolving. That’s why I’m always eager to upskill, train and adapt the way I work and interact with digital media. FutureMe gives me a way to help others by using everything I’ve learned up until now.

Anton Gollia

I studied a BA in Visual Communication, specialising in Multimedia Design, and graduated from the Stellenbosch Academy of Photography & Design in 2020. Ever since then, I’ve been working as a motion-graphic artist and digital designer. While designing is my specialty, I do consider myself an avid gamer and pc-tech enthusiast, oh and I dabble in game design too.

My job as FutureMe’s Digital Designer is to assist in the conceptualisation and design of  various materials across the board to meet the needs of the team, this includes our learner engagement platforms.

FutureMe works with purpose. I remember the struggles I went through after graduating. No contacts, no direction, and having skills to utilise yet somehow having just a degree wasn’t proof enough of that.

I’ve always wanted to do something that has meaning – to have an impact that makes the world a better place, and FutureMe allows me to do work that matters.

Fernando Muangala

I was born in the DRC, but I’ve been living in South Africa since I was 10. After matriculating from Wittebome High School in 2020, I started a small car wash business until I got the offer to join FutureMe. As the Marketing & Delivery Administrator, I help out with everything from admin to social media to tech support. I’ve also started learning graphic design, and I enjoy opportunities to put my new skills into practice.

FutureMe is spreading the word about what teenagers need to hear. I know that because I’m a graduate of FutureMe’s Go-Getter programme. I really benefited from the opportunity to explore career fields and network with professionals, and I love being able to share what we do with my friends, school, and community.