Thursday 27 September 2018 marked the 2nd edition of our flagship career festival, World of Work. This year’s theme was Farm to Fork, so we partnered with 37 amazing companies to showcase the wealth of career opportunities in the retail value chain.

Over 2,000 learners from 40 Metro South high schools flocked to Christel House School for a day of fever-pitch fun and eye-opening engagement. But don’t take our word for it. We asked every one of them to describe WoW 2018 in 3 words. The overwhelming consensus?


It wasn’t all plain sailing. Much to our consternation, a torrential downpour flooded the exhibition grounds just hours before the first wave of school buses was due to arrive. Mercifully, our expert event managers, Megan and Larry, managed to squeeze and shuffle all but the bravest exhibitors into the hall. Credit is also due to the industrious SPAR barista who placated us all with his superb cappuccinos.

From the moment that MC Graeme Richards welcomed the first schools, the day was a big hit. It was heartwarming to observe youngsters bursting into the festival and bustling around the exhibitors. Between Daisy the (papier-mâché) dairy cow, a fleet of logistics vehicles, a replica supermarket, I.T. companies, marketing firms, hotels, and even a live media studio, WoW 2018 had it all.  By the time learners boarded the bus home, they were visibly excited by the prospect of a bright future.

While activities and prizes galore made WoW 2018 an event to remember, the current of enthusiasm that permeated the festival was grounded in authentic interactions between learners and business people. Fielding hordes of teenagers for 7 hours straight is no small feat, yet this year’s exhibitors remained open and eager throughout.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to everyone who volunteered their time and expertise. Thanks to you, WoW 2018 was a massive success. We can’t wait to do it all over again next year!