The weeks are flying by, and it’s almost time for the second edition of our World of Work festival! Before we forget, here are the details:

FutureMe WoW 2018
Thursday 27 September
Christel House School, Ottery
Approx. 2500 Brave Learners
Over 35 Mighty FutureMe Partners

WoW is an interactive career expo, and this year’s theme is Farm to Fork. We’ll be showcasing every nook and cranny of the incredible industry that transforms seed and soil into Sunday night dinner. We’ll also be hosting our terrific tourism industry — the men and women responsible for sharing the Cape’s unique beauty with visitors near and far. That’s not all! Movers and shakers from the film and media industry will be there to broadcast the excitement and engage with aspiring actresses, filmmakers, and radio DJs.

Learners beware: we’re about to immerse you in careers you’ve never even heard of.

To the incredible organisations that are making WoW 2018 possible: you sow seeds of change. Sincere thanks.